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Russell Pollard, MBA


Russell develops and implements talent management strategies for Innovia’s clients to attract, develop, compensate and retain its talent, and build leadership capabilities.  He also specializes in brand, marketing and business development processes to help creative companies compete. He works in Toronto, Canada and London, England.


Russell is a Sobey MBA and holds a Bachelor’s in interdisciplinary leadership studies from the University of New Brunswick. He is pursuing a Certificate in Inclusive Leadership.


Society for Marketing Professional Services
Board Member, 2018 – Present


Alberta Association of Architects
Conference Presenter, Talent Management, May 2019


Royal Architecture Institute of Canada
Guest Lecturer, Talent Management, May 2018


Museum of Architecture, London
Guest Lecturer, Business Academy, 2018-Present


Interior Design Show, Toronto
Guest Lecturer, Talent Management, January 2019


Society for Design Administration, Canada
Workshop Facilitator, Mentorship, April 2019


  • Leadership
  • Talent Management
  • Succession Planning
  • Marketing
  • Business Development

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