BEAT and Innovia partner for an executive workshop on inclusive cultures

Diversity and inclusion and increasingly important topics for creative businesses. Today’s business environment is ever more competitive, demanding proactive investment in workforces to both attract and retain top talent. Not only do successful practices need to focus on diversity and inclusion, they also need to develop the right strategies to tackle these topics to ensure higher employee commitment, productivity and creativity.

On behalf of BEAT (Building Equality in Architecture Toronto) and sponsored by Entro Communications, Innovia will be presenting an executive workshop on Building an Inclusive Culture for Creative Businesses. Our Senior Consultant Basima Roshan and Russell Pollard will lead this workshop.


Thank you to all the organizations that attended the session:





Event Details

This workshop will focus on diversity and inclusion for creative businesses. It will present an overview of the business case for building an inclusive culture, and the leadership capabilities required.  Inclusion should help business owners attract, retain, develop, and advance a competitive, creative workforce.

Learning Outcomes

  • Key concepts of inclusion and organizational culture
  • The business benefits to an inclusive culture, from profit to talent management
  • Practical approaches to building a culture of inclusion in your business
  • Identifying skills for inclusive leaders

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