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Next Generation Practice

A founder-led practice was ready to diversify its ownership, implement a succession plan, expand internationally and establish the structure and tools for the next generation of leadership to succeed. Working together for over a decade, we supported the firm’s transformation where it reached new levels of commercial success while broadening its portfolio with new, ambitious and creative projects of scale and impact. It also expanding its service offering and successfully navigated an M&A Process. All of which was made possible by investing in human capital in a way that created growth, opportunities and distributed responsibilities for its people.

Strategy & Implementation Guidance; Succession Planning; Talent Management; Business Development; M&A.


Growth & Digitization

An award-winning firm wanted to create a new standard of practice by capitalizing on new digital tools. We helped introduce a new organisational structure and revamp its approach to finance. Through a mix of strategy, finance and ERP guidance combined with culture change and implementation support, the firm was able to realize its vision of the practice to continue to win ambitious new work, while doubling top line revenue.

Financial & Enterprise Resources Planning; Strategy Implementation & Guidance; Updated Management Structure; Leadership Change; New Practice Management System.


Strategy & Governance

A national firm with a dozen offices needed a new governance model to respond to changing dynamics in respective markets and an upcoming leadership succession. With strong cultural representation from each office and with diverse stakeholder groups, we designed a rigorous and well managed process that allowed the hearts and minds of the company and its culture to come together. From there, leadership, employees and stakeholders were able to align and define the future for this employee-owned consultancy through new strategy and improved decision-making capability.

Strategic Planning and Communication; New Governance Structure; Executive, Leadership & Talent Management; Culture Change & Communication.