Basima Roshan will be a part of an industry panel for BUILDEX Alberta next week discussing Diversity and Inclusion

Source: 2018, Culture Amp
Diversity and Inclusion Report


The incoming workforce is increasingly diverse and from historically under-represented groups. Companies will need to advance inclusions to ensure success form these new groups. 


Basima Roshan joins Lori Campbell of the Colbourne Institute for Inclusive Leadership, as well as other thought leaders and industry panelists for a discussion on the “Business case for Diversity and Inclusion”.

This conversation reflects the greater cultural changes happening within society, from the workplace to pop culture and politics. These changes include the increased representation, visibility and awareness of the value of diverse faces and voices.

Companies and organizations that have diverse teams and are able to include these voices in ideation, decision-making and leadership are shown to be more productive and profitable. Success goes beyond simply improving headcounts from historically underrepresented groups; it means creating and fostering an environment for these groups to be able to add their unique and differing contributions with confidence and ease.

Diversity & Inclusion is not about treating everyone the same. It is about correcting historical and current barriers in a way that brings the most out of individuals and the best for firms in the creation of a more just and vibrant society together.

This talk will be valuable for firm owners, people managers and those working in organizations that want to advance efforts on Diversity & Inclusion. It will include conversations around the firm benefits of a diverse and inclusive team, strategies to increase and make the most of representation and participation of diverse voices, and discussion on overcoming common barriers and misconceptions on the topic.

You can learn more on BUILDEX’s website.


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