Financial Management for Design Practices (Seminar)

Innovia is presenting at Interior Design Show in Toronto in January 2019.

“The Interior Design Show is Canada’s premier showcase of new products and furniture, superstar designers and avant-garde concepts from North America and beyond.  With its ambitious programming, IDS Toronto is a driving force of the city’s flourishing design scene.”

Basima Roshan (Senior Consultant) and Camille Tonolete-Lee (Consultant) will present best practices of financial management for design-led businesses. Our team’s unique backgrounds and experience advising architecture, design and other creative businesses informs our deep knowledge of the challenges and solutions for design firms.

Our team is excited to participate in IDS Toronto, and looks forward to the festival!


Program Description

Studio-based firms can unlock and build value, identify productivity issues, and understand their performance against industry benchmarks.

With proactive approaches to managing their finances, creative firms can collect and communicate the right information to inform their decisions and shape their strategy. This seminar will introduce principles of financial management that can help design firms invest in and achieve commercial and creative growth.

The seminar will focus on cash flow management, revenue management, project profitability, employee and partner compensation, and key performance indicators that will help owners of design and architectural practices measure and achieve success.



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Basima Roshan, MBA, CPA

Camille Tonolete-Lee. CMA-CPA, CFA