Innovia Facilitates Workshop for Society for Design Administration

Source: Society for Design Administration Newsletter, March 14, 2017


On Tuesday March 7 our board participated in goal setting workshop facilitated by associate member Russell Pollard of Innovia Partners.  The objective of the workshop was to start the process of road mapping how to build more value for our members, associates and partners.

It was initiated with a discussion to answer the following:

  • What value does SDA Bring?
  • How do we deliver SDA value?
  • what are our goals for SDA 2017?
  • How can we achieve our goals?


By answering the above question, we started to have criteria to weight our decisions and start the process of creating a high level plan to which  board members of the Society for Design Administration now have the opportunity to devise a plan of action.  We have also developed a sense of optimism for the future as a result of the workshop.

Innovia Partners is our newest SDA Associate Member and they exist to help creative business succeed.  Their business goal is helping creative business achieve strategic goals by providing management consulting services and by developing and implementing integrated solutions for the following: Strategy, Business Development & Marketing, Branding, Finances, Operations and Talent.