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John McKenna, B(Arch), MBA


John helps Innovia’s clients improve efficiency to balance their creative and business goals. His expertise is in business operations and strategic growth in the creative industries. John is a trained architect with experience leading international architectural teams and being chief operations officer for a technology start-up in the design sector.


John holds an International MBA from IE Business School in Madrid and a Bachelor of Architecture from the University College Dublin.


  • Developed strategic direction for the Design Exchange (pro-bono)
  • Developed options of business structures that promote design dialogue and lead to higher quality design for a large architectural practice
  • Led the development of a structure to support strategic and creative growth, and to retain key employees and potential successors for a professional services firm
  • Provides retained advisory on talent management and strategic growth for Innovia clients


  • Strategic Planning
  • Talent Management
  • Brand Strategy
  • Operations
  • Design Processes

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