Innovia to present Operational Management Systems for Finances session in OAA’s Starting an Architectural Practice course

The Ontario Association of Architects has worked with industry subject matter experts to develop an educational program, Starting an Architectural Practice course.  Basima Roshan, Senior Management Consultant, will be teaching the session on Operational Management Systems for Finances. She was involved in the development of the program and this will be the third cohort of entrepreneurial architects to whom she delivers the course.

Basima is an integral member of Innovia’s team and provides strategic advisory to our clients in the areas of finance, operations, talent, and governance. Additionally, she lectures for the OAA in the areas of Financial Management. She is a Queen’s MBA and a Chartered Public Accountant (CPA).

We are proud to continue working the OAA to support entrepreneurial architects achieve their commercial and creative objectives.

For more information about the course, please visit the OAA website and our selection announcement.


Session Description

The effective financial management of a firm relies on establishing a financial system and applying discipline to manage financial resources. This session will help you develop an understanding of the relationships between income and expenses and being cognizant that much of the income of a firm must be set aside for expenses.

Learning Objectives

  1. Describe the four components of a financial management system in an architectural practice.
  2. Develop a start-up budget for a new architectural practice.
  3. Establish the “book rate” for billable hours

The course offers an engaging introduction to the business of architecture with a focus on setting up and running an architectural practice. The delivery format consists of five key lessons offered on three consecutive days.

Audience: Partners, Established Architects, Young Emerging Professionals