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FINDING THE SILVER LINING IN CLOUDY SKIES In times of crisis it’s common to focus primarily on the negative effects experienced; loss of revenue, loss of jobs, uncertainty, risk, disappointment. However difficult, it’s worth exploring how this time can also be an opportunity to rethink, revive and reinvent areas of your business that may not be working to full effect. REFOCUS ENERGY TOWARD THE BIG PICTURE When everything is running smoothly and your team works at full or near full capacity, it is rare to take the time to think about...

COVID-19 HAS ACCELERATED THE USE OF "NEW" TECHNOLOGIES BY YEARS Our consultants at Innovia have been monitoring recent developments closely to understand our clients' needs and how we can better support them. An interesting observation has been made by numerous commentators on how COVID-19 has dramatically accelerated the adoption of new technologies by businesses suddenly working from home. Architects, engineers, and designers are among those that rely most on face-to-face and happenstance interactions to drive the creative process. Within days, entire studios had acclimatized to new communication and collaboration...